The SpruceUp Project


The fabulous forest cleanup crew

We are creative thinkers and ethical roamers who love the outdoors. In order for us to continue to explore, observe and immerse ourselves in unspoiled nature, we need to protect it. Unfortunately some people don't care for the environment as much as we do. We pledged ourselves to clean up after others and leave the woods better than we found them.

The heldenstuff team in action on World Cleanup Day.
A golden candy wrapper.
Plastic wrapper in the woods.
Old ring pull found in the woods.
Old calippo ice cream packaging.
Crumpled can laying on the ground.
Plastic bottle in the woods.
The SpruceUp crew cleaning up the outdoors.

We have been collecting small bits of litter for many years. Since the start of this project in August of 2020, we have picked up and packed out countless glass bottles and 37 trash bags full of garbage.

Hiking through the winter forest and picking up trash.

join the quest

If you are inspired and want to join us, follow these simple instructions:
Hike out into the forest, put your hand on a spruce tree and take this vow –
I respect this space and solemnly swear, to leave these woods a better place!

don't pass the trash

The next time you are outside, remove all the trash you can find and carry. Pick it up, pack it out and put it in a garbage bin, where it belongs. It might be a challenge, but if you don't accept the responsibilty no one else will.
Be the plastic pickin' hero we all need!

The garbage picking hero in action.

minimize your waste in your daily life

Simplified: Our garbage gets either buried, burned or shipped overseas. In some form or another, everything we throw away will eventually end up in a landfill, in our atmosphere, in a ditch or in the sea. In some way or another all our waste is destroying and polluting natural habitats.
Don't let your waste have a negative impact on the natural environment for hundreds or thousands of years.

buy less, be more.

• value experiences rather than things.
• use what you have
• purchase only what you really need
• buy used
• buy local
• choose sustainable
• avoid plastics
• recycle
• repair
• treat your things well and make them last a long time
• live more minimalist
• smile and enjoy nature!

spread the word

Share this page, creative ideas and beautiful trails with other people.

be social

Visit us on instagram @spruce.up.project . Let us see your forest cleanup pictures and tag them with #spruceupproject .

Buy us a cup of coffee!

buy us a coffee

You can support this project and buy us a cup of coffee or purchase a T-shirt at our store. All proceeds from our shop will go directly towards the cleanup of forest floors and trails.

The SpruceUp project T-shirt
The SpruceUp project minimal T-shirt

Thank you !

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