A man with a backpack summiting a mountain and enjoying the panorama.


campfire stories

Join us around the fire, where we sing songs of heroes, rebels and wild things, and share tall tales of victory and despair.

the 66 lakes hiking trail

A backpack, a map and a waterbottle on a old bench at the 66-lakes-trail.
A forest in Brandenburg.

This 420km (260 miles) long trail, which circles Berlin, is one of the most attractive flatland hiking trails in Germany. Read my trail journal here .

Stani's walk on the wild side

Stani Holzmeier and his custom build hiking trailer.
The black forest

Our friend walked the Westweg from Germany to Switzerland, crossing the length of the black forest, with his DIY hiking trailer in tow. Read his story here .

taking the long way home

Staring at the flickering flames of a campfire at night.

One day I had the idea to travel 900 km (560 miles) with my singlespeed bike. A puppy and later my Mom joined me. Here is our story .

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Keeping a travel journal in a backpack.

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