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Hi there and welcome to the community!

This website is made by us. We are a bunch of heroes, rebels and wild things who wander the world and take care of the planet.

Geroldsauer waterfall under Rhododendron bushes.

sustainable design & low-impact adventures

We are creative thinkers and ethical roamers who love the outdoors. In order for us to continue to explore, observe and immerse ourselves in unspoiled nature, we need to protect it.

Let's live an adventurous, minimalist, green lifestyle together!

Hiking through the Düppeler forest.


10 March 23

We are looking forward to spring! You too?

A woman wearing a heldenstuff logo T-shirt in the forest.


sustainable, eco-friendly and emotionally durable

We are shaping the future of this planet. Let's make it a good one!


We print graphics over your heart and infuse wanderlust into your mind.

Woman walking through a swamp wearing a skull T-shirt.

Put on your favorite T-shirt and do something worth remembering. Once the design is faded, the fabric worn thin, your tattered T-shirt will have a hell of a story to tell.

The 13 black cats T-shirt.
The storm bird T-shirt.
minimal skull T-shirt
The dart frog jungle T-shirt.

Visit the heldenstuff T-store and discover more organic cotton eye candy.

A white dove with an olive branch.

If you like our style and want to see more graphics have a look at our portfolio .

eco-friendly gear

A couple of colorful customized Opinel pocket knives.

Limited edition customized and branded pocket knives.

eco-friendly projects

A customized red bicycle made from spare parts.

If you are interested in DIY gear, customized objects, bastard bikes and woodwork you will find more of this stuff here .

Friends camping under the stars and playing with fire.


we are legends

Join us around the campfire, where we sing songs of heroes, rebels and wild things, and tell tall tales of victory and despair.

Stani Holzmeier and his DIY hiking trailer.

Stani's walk on the wild side

Our friend walked the Westweg from Germany to Switzerland, crossing the length of the black forest, with his DIY hiking trailer in tow. Read his story here .

The Spruce Up Project keeping the forests clean.


The fabulous forest clean up crew

We pledged ourselves to clean up after others and leave the woods better than we found them.

Lollies wrapper found in the forest
Plastic bottle lying in the woods.
The heldenstuff team in action on World Cleanup Day.

Read more about our clean up efforts on the project page .

Keeping a travel journal in a backpack.

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our lucky blog

More stories about stuff – people, projects, wear and gear here .

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