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This site is made by us. We are a bunch of designers and adventurers. We are the ones, who print graphics over your heart and infuse wanderlust into your mind. We challenge the world and take care of this planet.


24 May 18

Check out our new heldenstuff lookbook !

man wearing a heldenstuff T-shirt and a real bear


cotton eye candy

Our Tees are 100% made for adventure & 100% organic and fair.
Worn by heroes, rebels and wild things across the globe. Get one here .

The 13 black cats T-shirt
Hangar 13 T-shirt
skull T-shirt
skull T-shirt

Outdoors these super rad sweet kickass Tees roam free.

me wearing the skull T-shirt on an outdoor adventure

Put on your favorite T-shirt and do something worth remembering.

Henninger Bier T-shirt

Once the graphic is faded, the fabric worn thin, your tattered T-shirt will have a hell of a story to tell.

standing on the beach, looking out over the ocean

We care about the people and the planet, and we try to leave the smallest possible footprint. That is why our collection is organic and fair.

lots of colorful T-shirts hanging on a rack

Visit our shop for more infos and more designs.

friends camping under the stars and playing with fire


we are legends

Join us around the campfire. Where we sing songs of heroes, rebels and wild things, and tell tall tales of victory and despair.

a heavy loaded bicycle


taking the long way home

One day I had the idea to travel the 900 km (560 miles) to my parents house with a singlespeed bike. So I did. A puppy and my Mom joined me and together we rode into the sunset. Read the whole story here !

a campfire, a group of friends and a sunset


designers and adventurers

Great minds that think alike or totally different, but all live life creatively. Meet the wild bunch or follow us on Instagram @heroesrebelswildthings .

me hiking through the forest


Pam Schäfer

The brain behind Heldenstuff. Want to know more? Meet her here .

a backpack and a travel journal


The journal of stuff and stories

Stick around, read a little more and buy a little less.

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