a campfire, a group of friends and a sunset


designers and adventurers

We think alike or totally different, but have one thing in common:
We capture moments worth remembering – with a photo, a design or a scar.

You can follow us on Instagram @heroesrebelswildthings .

Who we are? This is us.

Millicent outdoors
Millicent hiking


The magnificent

Hi! I am Madame Dog. I am a mutt – half friendly pug and half brawlsome pinscher. My friends call me Millie, Mipi, Meeps or Saubatzi. I am adopted and live with my roomate Pam. We chill and explore the world together. We are best adventure buddies. You can follow us on Instagram @heldenstuff .

Pam hiking
Pam climbing a tree


The brain behind Heldenstuff

If you want to know more about me, you can find a little bit info here , or you can follow me on Instagram @heldenstuff .

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